My Heart I Give …

The Music Within


It’s not your bow,
But, rather, your being
That plays your violin.
It’s not the high soprano,
Nor the low staccato,
But, rather, the tender melody
That resonates within.
It’s not the job or salary,
Not prestige or rivalry,
But, rather, the Light
That sings your song,
Effusing God’s beauty within.
It’s not your bow,
But, rather, your Being
That plays your violin.


5 thoughts on “The Music Within

  1. I love this poem ma,

    • By the way, Brother Elliot, are you from the Nigerian Church of the Brethren?
      If so, my husband and I might be going there for a couple of weeks next year.
      If so, we would love to visit with you.

    • Thank you, Brother Elliot. Our church continues to pray for your missing school girls. It breaks our hearts that they have been gone so long. We heard that some were able to escape. Thank God for their return.
      Now, down on our knees to pray for the others. Your country is having much trouble. We read about our churches over there in the newspapers here.It hurts to know how difficult things are for you.

  2. Thank you, Brother Elliot. By the way, are you from Nigeria or from another country? My husband and I might travel there next year.

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