My Heart I Give …

A Very Hindu Poem – for Balbir

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Eras of souls – living, dying,
Unending dharma, family, friends,
Accepting karma, cycles unfurling.
The Dance whirls round through eons of Time,
Creating samsara, embracing worldlings.

Aye, the Poetry … effusing Light!
Poetry birthing …
Shiva dancing!

Light is Poetry … the Dance is Life!


One thought on “A Very Hindu Poem – for Balbir

  1. At long last, my book is out! “Refugees! A Family’s Search for Freedom and a Church That Helped Them Find It” is on!

    This is my book manuscript that was lost for 30 years by an editor in New York. I had an old carbon copy, but it faded in the sunlight in our side room at our Kansas home. I still recall going to the dumpster weeping, because I had put my heart and soul into telling our church’s story, but now it was gone.
    Amazingly, 30 years after the book was written, someone at the publishing house where I sent it must have found it in a closet (or perhaps the editor died and a new one cleaned the closet ) because, to my shock and surprise, my manuscript, “Refugees! A Family’s Search for Freedom and a Church That Helped Them Find It” mysteriously showed up in my mail one day.
    It came with no return address, but I was thrilled to have it. At that point, however, I was still working so didn’t have time to give to it.
    On our way through Kentucky that summer, my husband and I stopped by the home of our former friends in Claremont, California. After grad school, they had moved to Kentucky. I didn’t realize it, but Chrys had served during her career, as editor for the United Methodist Press in Tennessee. When I told her this story and mentioned that it seemed too outdated now, she said, “Jeanne, look for whoever is resettling refugees today, and therein will be your market.”
    At that time, I checked the Internet and found no Protestant or Catholic churches resettling refugees. However, scarcely a year later, in 2015, the United Nations’ High Commissioner of Refugees called on receiving countries to open their doors again. Mystified by the turn of events, I googled the situation.
    To my shock and surprise, the greatest number of refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons in recorded history, 60 million, in number, were fleeing and searching for a country to call ‘home’ ( This was the greatest influx of refugees in recorded history.
    The news spurred me on, and I retyped the manuscipt. In a well of tears, the memories of working with our refugees flooded back. Like a tsunami swirling in the ocean, one event after another refreshed my memory with their horrors. I decided, then and there, to retype the book and put it on Amazon’s (their subsidiary for self-published works).
    The link below will take you to “Refugees! A Family’s Search for Freedom and a Church That Helped Them Find It”.
    Thank you, friends, for taking the time to read this. If you read the book, please write a few lines on Thank you! – Jeanne Jacoby Smith

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