My Heart I Give …

Sculpting A Life: All ‘Eye’ Am

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I close my eyes as I oft’ do
In morning light and, aye,
Reflections from within
Mirror my mind’s eye.

My face draws nigh.
Close, close, closer,
Cheek upon my pillow,
Vision arching way.

I sense my eye within
Peering deep, deep, deeper
Into my dreaming eye 
What see eye, God, before me!?

There… eye meets Eye –
My reflective Eye.
On bended knee eye pray and cry,
‘O God, my helpless, soul-less eye
Needs time, time, time, to
Infuse its eye with Thine!

eye petition Thee, Thy love …
Thy Vision … all Eye am!
Illumine me with grace, O God –
O Thou, the Great EYE AM!

Eye lift mine eye t’ward Thine,
Infused with Paschal lamb
Birthed Imago Dei
By the Great EYE AM.


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