My Heart I Give …

The Glory That Is Kansas


Route 56, heading East
Through the Flint Hills,
Nature’s glory.
Low bushy forests
Skirting the edge of prairie
Along old hedgerows.

A butte to the North,
Its chest heady with green,
Cuts above old fossils,
Heady with pride.

Rolling through Strong City
A silo bows low
As we glide through,
Honored that we paid it a visit,

While cattle on a thousand
Rolling hills ruminate
A sumptuous lunch
of prairie stubble and clover.

Adobe bungalows, some
Fancied with brick and
Artificial accessories,
Puff their chests
To catch our attention.

Emporia’s cocky water tower
Pokes its long nect through
A stand of old elms,
Curious about our arrival,

While the Neosho River,
Down to a dribble,
Chides the water tower
For being too prideful.

Behind a crumbling gas station
Out on the lonely prairie,
In back of a stand of Cottonwoods,
Iron cars from Kansas City
Rumble across the spinal cord
of America in a rush
for gold toward Albuquerque.

As twilight sets in,
County Road U turns in
For the night, ignoring
Our rattling Ford Condour.

A rusty crane crooks its neck
Oblivious to our presence.

No matter! No matter!
Let the prairie alone …
To savor its cricket song
… and languor!


2 thoughts on “The Glory That Is Kansas

  1. I love reading your poetry.

  2. Thank you, Judith. I enjoyed your last book, as well. We don’t know if our writers’ group will continue yet or not. Carla is no longer curator at the museum (under which auspices MacWriters operated). She is working for the McPherson Sentinel now, but I believe it’s temporary now. We met last night at one of our members’ homes. She’s looking for a more permanent position in the area. If she can find one, we will likely continue. I’m praying we do since the group has been extremely productive for my writing.
    It’s great to hear from you. Thank you for your kind commentary. – Jeanne

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