My Heart I Give …

The Poetry in You


You knew not the poetry was in you?

Then, look again, dear friend!
Turn on your Muse,
That which intrigues you!
Slip up the volume as high as you can …
Dance with the dawn, rhythm, sonatas …
Let your mind ponder … let poetry flow.!
Pirouette the presence of
Life in this moment,
Spiraled into One,
Like Rumi, the poet,
Whirling in Time.
This, my dear friend,
Is the Poetry in You!


2 thoughts on “The Poetry in You

  1. All of the poems and writing on this blog belong to the author, Jeanne Jacoby Smith. You may enjoy these poems to your heart’s desire. However, if you wish to publish any of them, contact me at for permission. Copyright belongs to the author. Dec. 19, 2013

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