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PET: What if we took it seriously?

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This is Seun Oke from Nigeria. A few years ago, she received a PET wheelchair. The film below is an example of how a PET can transform a life. Currently, this young lady has completed two years of college in her PET, and she is engaged to be married. Not a bad track record for one who was considered helpless just a few years ago.
I might add that there are more than 20 PET shops in the U.S., plus another in Zambia, Africa. The one near us is PET-Kansas. It’s an empowering vehicle for the poor, and it gives them a chance at life. Enjoy!

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PET UPDATE: 11-25-14 Built since 1-1-14 1292

What if we took it seriously? A week ago I was in Nicaragua with Rainbow
Network, and representing PET. After leaving the asphalt road and traveling
in low gear by washed out bridges and at walking speed in a 4-wheel drive
pickup, we arrived at a local health clinic where Rainbow’s doctor was
treating the half-day’s list of 20 patients. In due time we were introduced
to a mother and her son, Leni. Leni looks to be 4 years old but is probably
6. He is a victim of Down’s Syndrome, and had been discovered hidden away in
a back corner of his mud-stick home when Rainbow did its recent census of
all the 45,000+- persons in its area of work. He cannot walk and his hands
could not crank a PET, so we had the privilege of seeing this young man

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