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How do advocates for racial justice move forward after Dallas?

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Emmett Eldred is right on here. The man knows what he is talking about: “BLACK LIVES MATTER”!

Dunker Punks

Just before I was going to go to bed tonight, I saw news of several police officers being shot in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest. As the story developed, I watched in horror the news of at least eleven officers shot and four dead by two snipers with high-powered rifles. By tomorrow, we’ll know more information. We’ll likely wake up to knowledge about who conducted the shooting and why, and we might (though I pray not) learn of more police officers or other individuals killed or injured.

As with so many instances of horrific violence lately, there are no words. To see any lives claimed by senseless violence (and I believe that all violence is senseless) is indescribably tragic. No doubt, these officers did much to serve and protect their communities. No doubt, they had loved ones whose lives will be forever changed. Jesus reminds us that blessed…

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One thought on “How do advocates for racial justice move forward after Dallas?

  1. We cannot underestimate the power of race in our world. Sad to say, too many of us still harbor the old adage that God loves us but not the ‘other guy’. We need to rise above this if we prize a future for ALL of us.

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